Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything in Morra Designs jewelry that would cause me to have an allergic reaction?

While we cannot guarantee that you absolutely won’t be sensitive to any single material used in our products, we do not use nickel in any of our plating so you won’t have to worry about the most common allergic reaction.  Also, our pieces are finished in one of the following: 18k Gold, Sterling Silver, or 18k Rose Gold. We also e-coat (clear coat) our jewelry to lock in the finish, protect, and extend the life of the jewelry. This creates a barrier that can also help to alleviate any potential allergic responses.

Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop? accepts payment in these forms:  Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Is your site secure?

The payment page where you enter your card details is completely secure. 
As well as being encrypted and totally illegible, your card number is not kept by us (which is why we ask you to provide it each time you place an order on our website), which prevents your card being defrauded or cloned.

We are committed to doing our best to maintain the security of information collected on our website and use appropriate measures to secure your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

You may also refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.


Do you charge sales tax?

Yes. Sales tax is charged for online purchases and is applicable to your state. (U.S. customers)

Where do you ship?

Morra Designs ships within the 48 contiguous states by USPS or UPS ground and overnight shipping.  For special FEDEX shipping, general costs are as follows:

  • Ground $15 
  • 2nd day $25 
  • Next day $50

Shipping to Puerto Rico and Hawaii is available but will be subject to special pricing.  All costs are subject to change. Please contact us at for more information.

Does Morra Designs offer gift cards?

Yes.  We do!  Morra Designs now offers e-Gift Cards that can be purchased to use immediately or at any time in our online store. (Morra Designs e-Gift Cards are for online purchases only and cannot be used at any of our affiliated retail vendor locations at this time. No other restrictions apply.)

e-gift card, Morra Designs

Does the jewelry come in a box?

We package your pieces on a card and in a gift pouch.

Is the full collection available online?

We display online a wide selection of our most popular and classic pieces.  However,  we also offer custom designs for corporate gifting, bridal and other special orders, by request. Customers who have signed up for our email list will also receive exclusive notices about new, seaonal and limited pieces. For questions about Morra Designs custom pieces please contact us by email at or by phone at 917.575.8112

What do you do with my information when I sign up for your email list?

Your name, email address or any other information you enter on the site stays strictly confidential and is only used to provide you with updates on Morra Designs. We have never nor will we ever rent or sell your private information.

Does Morra Designs have a store in the USA?

Currently, no.  Morra Designs does not have a dedicated brick and mortar retail store. But there are several retailers who do carry a limited selection of Morra Designs.  You can find an authorized retailer near you by visiting our store locator.

How do I care for my Morra Designs?

Simple basic jewelry care should be maintained to ensure that your jewelry retains its luster and shine. Morra Designs jewelry is finished in 18k Gold, 18k Rose Gold or Sterling Silver. Avoiding contact with perfume and lotions will help preserve the finishes along with the following basic guidelines: 

  • Store each piece of jewelry in its original Morra Designs pouch or other jewelry pouch or case. Keep each piece separated from the others.
  • Remove your jewelry before taking a shower.
  • Wait until you’ve finished applying your makeup, hair product, and perfume before you put on your jewelry. Cosmetics can cause anything to lose its luster.
  • Please do not remove your jewelry over a sink or any open drain. Earrings, small necklaces and rings can easily fall down the drain.
  • Remove your jewelry before swimming. Chlorine and saltwater can erode and discolor the metal finishes.
  • We recommend cleaning Morra Designs jewelry with nothing more than a polishing cloth.